Meet Panorama Necto

The Telecom specific BI platform that will save you time and money by integrating multiple operations into a single dashboard, letting you track all your KPIs, reduce churn and increase ARPU.

Fully Optimized for Telecom

Advanced analytics & self-service BI for the telecommunications industry, with dashboards that fit your business’s needs.

Modern BI, Enabled by a Centralized Architecture

One version of the truth, high usage, and high security in a unique web solution across your enterprise.


Self-Service Analytics

Everyone can find insights with easy-to-use dashboards. Connect with colleagues, discuss, and share. All in a governed and secure environment.

Beautiful Dashboards Across All Your Devices

Astonishing dashboards with interactive infographics that help you track your KPIs & tell your data’s story. Access your dashboards in all your devices, with zero footprint.


Necto Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Customers today have many options to choose from, as the services provided by Telecoms are not very differentiated and the phone number is portable. Hence, it is more important than ever to proactively identify customers that might unsubscribe from the service, take preventive measure to retain the customer, as well as understand how to upsell and cross-sell new services to the customer.

Prevent Churn & Create Relevant Offers

Panorama Necto helps you prevent churn by identifying the specific set of customers that have a high probability of unsubscribing from your service. Then you can take preventive measures to retain them. In order to increase customer value (ARPU), you can use an Upsell/Cross-Sell model, which will help identify the most valuable customers who can buy new products, actively use them, and continue to be loyal to the service for a long period of time. Necto will give you the insights you need to make a relevant offer to the right customer at the right time, via the right channel.


More You'll Love

Necto gives your teams all the features and tools to shine at telecom analytics.


Suggestive & Collaborative

Necto’s machine learning engine suggests to you the most relevant dashboards and data you should be looking at, it helps you find the relevant person to solve a specific issue, and lets you connect with colleagues to discuss and share insights.

Real-time Notifications

Identify issues and report about them. Set automatic notifications when data changes and add users to notifications on a specific cell level.

Unique Optional Geo-Analysis

The only platform with a multi-layer visual analysis on top of maps for location based context and insights.

Use Cases

It's time to tap into the full potential of your data!

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